Spring-Summer 2021 upholstery

With the arrival of the warm weather our desire for renewal grows, strengthened by the thorough research and selection of new upholstery to add to our collection.

Italia Lounge confirms the appraisal for the pleasure of touch and the relaxing colours, but in the meantime wants to give the opportunity to choose unique colours, of greater personality, equally able to persist over time.


In this article you will find some hints, the keys to the research and experimentation that our interior designers constantly carry out to select products capable of meeting the needs of our brand.


Among the textiles, we present a new chenille: a fabric that is soft to the touch, elegant, and is an interesting alternative to velvet. We will propose it with opaque colors in neutral tones (both warm and cool colours) and with some bright colors. Its typical iridescent appear enhances the colouring, giving brightness to your home decor.



Our eyes are focused on a textured textile, with a production process capable of enhancing its colours even on the “tone on tone”. A textile made of completely natural fibre, weighing 800 gsm.





A new two-tone fabric will also be introduced: a structured basketweave fabric produced with a mix of natural fibres.
We are proving its robustness on our most “demanding” products with excellent results. The colour palette for this article will be based on neutral tones and shades of beige.



Lastly, we were impressed by a heavy double twill, fresh and firm, with particularly balanced solid colours. Its soft and silky appearance and the frosted look are obtained through an innovative triple brushing system (water, diamond sandpaper and carbon fibre brushes) and a special enzymatic treatment that smoothly softens the cotton fibre without affecting it. All the processes have a low environmental impact, and the dyeing techniques comply with the most recent regulations on the protection of the environment and the human health.




The fabrics are made entirely in Italy, and will be able to stand out, enhancing the comfort of your home décor and guaranteeing its durability.

The leather sample book will also have some news: in the images of this post, you will find some brief anticipations.